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Lift magnet basics safety information 2017

Neodymium magnet - Wikipedia

A neodymium magnet the most widely used type of rare-earth magnet, is a permanent magnet .... Mass production is planned for 2017., Neodymium magnets (small cylinders) lifting steel spheres. .... desk-toy magnets, "Buckyballs", though some US retailers have chosen not to sell them due to child-safety concerns.

Industrial Magnetics Inc. Catalog v. 101V - EL Simeth

LIFT MAGNET BASICS & SAFETY INFORMATION. Lift Magnet Safety Factors. Lift magnets can be effective even when the surfaces of the magnet and/or load...

Safe Operational Rules when using Lifting Magnets - Armstrong ...

Armstrong Magnetics, Inc. provides important safe operational rults when using Lifting Magnets.

Basic Lift Magnets Permanent Magnet Lift Devices - Ashley Sling

Permanent Ceramic Lift Magnet for Flat Steel Applications. IMI's new BasicLift Magnet is a powerful, no frills permanent ceramic lift magnet perfect for basic,...

POWERTEX Permanent Lifting Magnet model PLM - Certex Group

2. These instructions contains all the information required for safe and optimum use of the lifting magnet. Read the instructions carefully and follow the directions.

Ultralift Plus Lifting Magnet - Eclipse Magnetics

give a superb holding force while providing a safe, reliable lift. Safety shim. The Eclipse Magnetics Ultralift Plus is the only permanent magnetic lifting magnet...

product catalog - Magswitch

steel fabrication by forever improving the safety, productivity and efficiency of, Magswitch heavy lifting magnets abide by ASME BTH-1 and. B30.20 standards and .... Flip to page 16 for information on MagDrill cutters and accessories. » 6 ...... analyze the provided information to supply a basic recommended...

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