Hi-visibility clothing

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Nomex® Paper DuPont DuPont USA

A unique combination of properties give Nomex® materials superior characteristics, making them ideally suited for electrical insulation applications.

Flame Resistant Clothing DuPont Nomex® DuPont USA

DuPont scientists created flame resistant Nomex® fiber, a revolutionary material that helps provides industrial workers with protection from intense heat and...

Flame Resistant Nomex® DuPont DuPont USA

Not when so much depends on it. There's more than one reason why so many depend on Nomex®. Inherently flame resistant, Nomex® is three times stronger...

Nomex® XF Flame Barrier DuPont USA

Nomex® XF is a unique material that helps protect aluminum fuselage aircraft by providing a robust, durable and lightweight flame barrier that can help prevent...

Nomex® Fibers DuPont DuPont USA

DuPont Nomex® fibers are heat- and flame-resistant, and are used in protective fabrics, garments, insulation, and other high-performance applications to help...

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Hi-visibility clothing